helping orphans and vulnerable children
to prepare for independent life

what is life skills for youth

Life Skills for Youth is a curriculum consistent of 46 90-minute lessons that were designed to provide youth at risk with knowledge, tools and skills needed for successful steps of independency. It’s a practical training based on Christian worldview and value.

10 modules of the Life Skills for Youth Curriculum


who I am, what is my value and how I can develop each side of my personality

Love and Sex

what role respect takes in relationships; how to build relationships with the opposite sex; God’s purpose for our sexuality and consequences of misusing it


buying groceries and cooking a meal; taking care of your clothing and home; how to show hospitality

Law and Legal Rights

the purpose and meaning of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; the purpose of law and consequences of breaking it

Social Skills

how to communicate with people that surround me; how to solve conflicts; how to make and keep friends; good manners

The Gift of Marriage

things to consider before choosing your future spouse; how to express love and solve conflicts in marriage

Time and money management

understanding the cost of life; creating and following a budget; how to manage your time

Health and Hygiene

proper nutrition and how to take care for your body; danger of certain bad habit

Raising children

understanding the needs of children at each stage of their development; positive parenting; how the parents’ lifestyle effects the health of their future children

Job Skills

how to choose your future profession; how to find and keep a job; keeping yourself safe from human trafficking