Youth and life skills training

It is estimated that 2 to 8+ million children in the world live in some kind of institutional care. Those that work with youth in those institutions know how vital is the question of their aging out and integration into society. According to some statistics only 10% of the graduates adapt succesfully to life outside the walls of their institution and have a sustainable employment. More than a half of the children end up in being involved in criminal activities, prostitution, have drugs or alcohol addictions.

It still baffles us – people that work with this youth – how a 16 year old teenager that grew up in a isolated conditions and enviroment where most decisions regarding his life were made for him, without significant support and mentoring can find needed strength, knowledge and skills to start building their independent life. Being disconnected from their roots, lacking love and acceptance, as well as positive role models in relationship building and functioning in the society, youth people enter the world strange to them being strange to the world.

If you are among those that care about their fate than our program is designed for you. Life Skills for Youth course will help the youth to better understand themselves, God and surrounding world, and will prepare them to many surprises of adulthood. With the developed curriculum a caring mentor will be able to walk into a child’s life and bring hope.