Program description

Life Skills for Youth course is designed to help orphanage graduates and at risk youth to obtain knowledge, skills and tools needed for successful integration into society after leaving the orphanage or their current home.

The course provides the youth with practical skills on the base of Christian values and worldview. It consists from 10 modules. Each module has from 4 to 7 lessons, each lesson is 90 minutes. The modules include the following topics:

Module 1. Identity (who am I, what is my value and how can I develop each part of my identity)

Module 2. Social Skills (how to communicate with people around us, how to solve conflicts and use good manners, and also how to build and develop friendship relationships)

Module 3. Health and hygiene (healthy nutrition, basic hygiene principles, bad habits and first aid)

Module 4. Love and Sex (the role of mutual respect in building friendships and relationships with opposite sex, God’s purpose for human sexuality and the risk of misusing it)

Module 5. The Gift of Marriage (what do you need to consider before agreeing for marriage, how to express love in marriage, and how to solve conflicts between spouses)

Module 6. Raising children  (what needs children have, the principles of positive parenting, teratogens)

Module 7. Homemaking (principles of planning, buying and cooking food, house cleaning, caring for your clothing and shoes, hospitality basics)

Module 8. Time and money management (how much life costs, how to create and follow a budget, how to wisely use your time)

Module 9. Job skills (choosing your future career, finding and keeping a job, risk of people trafficking)

Module 10. Legal rights (universal human rights, the prupose of law and consequencies of breaking it, special rights of orphans)